Monday, 4 March 2013

Not Just Developing Hockey Players

The final buzzer sounds and fans cheer as the Pats salute the assembled after a victory.  The players head off the ice and to their dressing room to shed their gear and head home for some much deserved rest.  After a weekend that saw the Pats win 5-1 and 6-2 over divisional rivals Moose Jaw and Saskatoon, the players have four days before suiting up for a Friday game against Medicine Hat.  After a break for Christmas, this week won’t be one to relax.  On-ice practices, off-ice workouts and mental preparation are the routine leading up to a three game in three night stretch for the Pats.

This week, like any other, won’t be centred only on hockey.  The players will be out and about within Regina, helping various community organizations because while developing hockey players is large part of what the organization does… more important is the development of young adults who will contribute to their community for years to come and long after they hang up their skates.