Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pats Extend Lang Through 2013-14

The Pats announced this morning that General Manager Chad Lang's contract will be extended through the 2013-14 season.

The extension comes after Lang has done some pretty good work with the Pats since arriving two years ago.  In the last couple seasons Lang restructured the coaching staff, changed up the scouting department and overhauled the on ice product.

Bringing in Pat Conacher as head coach along with Josh Dixon and Malcolm Cameron as assistants before last season was a big step forward for the club that showed impressive results in only one season with the team returning to the post season after a three year absence.

While not immediately evident, some of the fruits of Dale McMullin's labour should be showing up soon as prospects step through the ranks to become every day Pats.  Speaking of prospects, they'll be on display come Training Camp which opens August 30th (registration) and gets into full swing the next day.

Getting back to Lang, the list players he brought in the last couple years have been impressive.  Guys like Lane Scheidl, Martin Marincin and Colton Jobke have all been impact players for Regina.  He also had to deal with a tough situation last year in what to do with Jordan Weal at the deadline.  Lang decided to keep Weal and go for it with the Marincin acquisition and if a few things go the Pats way, maybe we're talking about them going on a bit of a run in last year's playoffs.

With all of that, Lang earned the right to continue on and know well in advance he'll be back for a further season.  It will be interesting to see, now that this Pats team definitely has his stamp on it, where Lang goes from here.

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