Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Blog Change Over

Hi Folks,

With the Ice Wolves' season wrapped up, I took the time today to migrate my blog to a new hosting service, Blogger.

The main site will remain right where it is at DanielFink.Weebly.com.  The only things that really change are the location of the blog and the main site navigation bar on the top of the screen won't appear on the blog.  You can still link right back to the main site from that link right under the main header.

There are a couple of reasons I made the change.

1. Ease of use - While I like Weebly's web-site editing tools and the many features it gives, there were some annoying glitches and it really didn't play nice with some of my mobile tech.  The Blogger site (in theory) will work much better for me despite giving up a couple of features.

2. Web Integration - Blogger is one of the ridiculous numbers of Google applications out there.  Coming over to Blogger just lets me bring another service into sync along with Youtube, Google+ and Twitter(though not a Google App).

3. Comments - I like how the comments section works with this new service.  There shouldn't really be any spam, and it provides an 'Anonymous' option for those of you who are shy.  Same rules still apply, though.

There are some other reasons, but I won't really get into them now.  When you're reading the blog, you shouldn't really notice anything too different, the layout is largely the same and it will be the same, great (at least I like to think so) content you're used to.

You can read anything that was posted on the blog from December 2010-March 12th 2012 by clicking here: http://danielfink.weebly.com/behind-the-mic-blog.html.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think of the change over!


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