Thursday, 15 March 2012

Gold Medalist Adam Kreek Visits La Ronge

La Ronge hosts Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek today.  He's in town to speak at one of the local high schools and at a public event this afternoon.

Kreek won Gold in rowing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and has 27 international medals to his name through a 13 year career.  Now he uses his experiences to help as a motivational speaker.

The Public Event starts at 11:30 with a free lunch and Kreek's talk starting at noon, going till around one.

"The main point and the main method that I'm bringing is the power of generosity," Kreek said in a phone interview, "One of the secrets to success is figuring how you can give in your unique way, because we're all unique and have unique skills and talents.  Obviously my background is sports as a sportsman, but there are many different ways to give."

Kreek's Medal
On the note of generosity, donations to the Food Bank and Scattered Sites are appreciated.

Kreek has his Gold Medal with him and there will be an opportunity for attendees to get up close with one of the top prizes in sports.

Coming up in December, Kreek will be rowing across the Atlantic to raise funds for 'Right to Play'.  After today's talk, I'll have a chat with him about that undertaking and some of the other projects he has on the go.


Adam Kreek During his Presentation
Kreek's talk was informal and really casual in a way that let the audience connect.  Part of this was due to the relatively small event, but a lot of it is Kreek's easy manner and willingness to interact with his audience.

It was an interesting and entertaining presentation to take in.  Kreek headed to the high school after the public event, I'm sure the students enjoyed the chat.

Here's one of the interactive activities from the afternoon:

That's La Ronge Mayor Thomas Sierzycki at the head of the "boat".

The big challenge for Kreek is the upcoming row across the Atlantic.  It's kind of tough to imagine four people on their own in an oversized row boat on the second largest ocean on the Planet.  Kreek and his team will do a trial run coming up this summer when they travel around Vancouver Island.

We'll have to check back in with Adam before the big event.

You can listen to my interview with Adam here.


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