Monday, 11 June 2012


The SJHL held its AGM this past weekend in Regina and I spoke with SJHL President Bill Chow, who was kind enough to give me a call, about some of the main points of the weekend.  He said it was a long but productive series of meetings.

Here are the main points from our conversation:

  • The 54 game schedule "parameters" are set.  It seems there were still some sticking points on how everything would work, so while we don't yet have a schedule for 2012-13; the outline is set.
  • The SJHL dropped the Showcase.  The initial plan was to hold the Showcase in Melfort this year, but with the weekend cancelled that won't be happening.
  • It's really too bad because the Showcase is an absolute blast for the broadcasters.  Lots of great hockey and it's one of the few times we can all get together at the same time and catch up.
  • The Showcase will be replaced by an "Identification Camp" for '94 and '95 born players with some older players mixed in.  Select players from this camp head to the World Junior A Challenge selection camp for Team West.
  • The format isn't exactly set yet, but I suspect each team will send a few players as selected by their coaches.  The idea is to have at least two teams at the camp, but like I said the format isn't set.
  • My brilliant idea is to make it kind of a "Young Stars" format and divide it into a North/South kind of All-Star game.  That would resemble what currently happens running alongside the WJAC.
  • Part of the reason the Showcase was dropped was the league just wasn't getting the scout attendance they were hoping for.  The SJHL feels this new camp with the specific age range will be more attractive to scouts.
  • The bonus for the teams is they get one more home game and could save on a bit of travel, though Chow says that wasn't much of a factor in the decision.
  • League sponsorship is strong.  Chow says the league's marketing firm has been doing a good job of building corporate interest.  The new digital boards that will be going up in each of the SJHL rinks are generating plenty of interest.
  • There were discussions about updating the website.  A refurbish/reboot is something the league is seriously considering before the "new year".  Whether that's the new season or Jan. 1, I'm not sure (though I'm guessing the season).
  • Interestingly enough, Chow related an anecdote saying someone from out of province recommended a site like the SJHL's to two leagues.
  • On the website, it's not necessarily a bad site, but the overall look seriously needs to be updated if only brought into a similar look as some of the team websites, some of which look pretty decent.
There were two reasons Bill Chow gave me a call today, one being an update on the AGM, but also a follow up to a discussion we had about the Hockey Canada AGM where it was announced the Jr. A Supplement would be extended for two-years and some changes are coming.

It looks as though the main adjustment will be a reduction in the accumulation numbers regarding fighting and dangerous hits.  Currently, a player can fight five times in the regular season with the sixth incurring a suspension and team fine with the discipline.


Here are the details on the accumulations and some other changes to the Supplement:

  • Upon receipt of 5th fighting major - 1 game suspension
  • Upon receipt of 6th fighting major - 3 game suspension and $750 team fine
  • Upon receipt of 7th fighting major - 4 game suspension and $1,000 team fine
  • Upon receipt of 8th fighting major - 8 game suspension and $1,250 team fine
  • Any subsequent fighting major shall result in a complete review by the league to determine an appropriate suspension and team fine.
Accumulation numbers continue from the Regular Season into the Playoffs instead of resetting.

If a player deliberately removes the helmet of his opponent, he shall be assessed a gross misconduct penalty and a minimum 1 game suspension.

Staged fight rules remain the pretty much the same.  The only change is if a player is identified as the instigator of a staged fight, the team's coach will be suspended for two games (up from one).

  • Upon receipt of 2nd instigator penalty – 1 game suspension and $1,000 team fine.
  • Upon receipt of 3rd instigator penalty – 2 game suspension and $1,500 team fine.
  • Upon receipt of 4th instigator penalty – 3 game suspension and $2,000 team fine.
  • Upon receipt of 5th instigator penalty – 4 game suspension and $2,500 team fine.
  • Any additional instigator penalties shall result in an indefinite suspension and full review by the league of the player and the team to determine an appropriate suspension and team fine.
Game misconducts run under a similar structure, though the fines are less.

Boarding has been added to the language regarding rules around Checking from Behind.

A language change under the "Blow to the Head" Category:

1.1 Illegal Act: : If a player is fouled or hit illegally, for which a penalty is being assessed, and as a result of
the illegal hit the player hits his head on the glass, ice or the boards and is injured in a manner that results in a
head injury, this shall be construed as a Blow to the Head and a major and game misconduct or match penalty shall be assessed.

Finally, a new section added to the supplement

8.1 Accumulated Infractions – For all the categories listed below players who are on the accumulated
suspension border in more than one category may be reviewed.
• Checking from Behind and Boarding (Minor, Major or Match)
• Blows to the Head (Minor, Major or Match)
• Non-Fighting Majors
• Instigators

Upon receipt of 5th infraction from any of the above categories (and any subsequent infraction thereafter) a
player will receive an automatic 1 game suspension, which suspension is in addition to any suspension that
may apply under the specific regulation relating to such category.

Such player will also be required to participate in a hearing among the player, his coach and a league official to discuss, among other things, the objectives of the Junior A Supplement, specific regulations contained in the Junior A Supplement, the player's impugned behavior, the responsibility of the player to adjust his behavior and actions and the consequences if such player fails to correct his behavior and actions.

Should a second hearing be required, the player will receive a minimum 1 game suspension plus additional discretionary discipline based on the nature of the subsequent infraction.
Those aren't all of the changes, but most of the major adjustments.  I'm guessing an adjusted supplement will be posted on the league's website in the future.

Here's a link to the current one:


Post Script:  To wrap things up on this post, it is my last day today (Wednesday) at MBC.  I'm moving on to a new career opportunity that I can't tell you here just yet.  Should be able to let you know next week as that's when I actually start the new job.  I'll have more then.


  1. Bill Chow continues to be a poor decision-maker for the SJHL. What a joke! Getting rid of the Showcase is a terrible decision. So was the hiring of Chow.

  2. Did Bill mention anything on the SJHL/Neulin webcast agreement?

  3. To poster #1, to temper that slightly, the Board of Governors votes on everything going down. Bill Chow doesn't point a royal sceptre and decree changes. Though I can't confirm the non-existence of a sceptre. According to Mike Feeney's blog ( the decision to scrap the Showcase was not unanimous.

    To poster #2, unfortunately that slipped my mind during the conversation. I'll check on that first chance I get.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. What is sad is that I am getting this info from your blog and not the league website. This league just continues to go downhill. I thought it might improve when Laury Ryan stepped down, but I now see that Ryan at least had it together.
    Removing the Showcase is a terrible idea. I hope Helary was against it. Scouts won't be coming to look at 19 and 20 year olds now and the ID camp will send guys to WJAC camp and they will be sent home because they aren't good enough. Why aren't they good enough. Its because the best players are going elsewhere because they see the SJHL as a dead-end to their dreams of playing NCAA Hockey. At least the Wolves have many guys continuing their careers at a Canadian institution.

  5. I think the point of scrapping the Showcase was to give teams a home weekend date that was being taken away. And the scouts weren't coming in enough numbers anyway. So those guys that won't get seen now weren't getting seen anyway. I still think it has value but not enough teams agreed. But Kevin Hasselberg put it perfectly in a text message he sent me the other day. "If the players are good enough the scouts will come."

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anonymous, I just had to remove it for the time being. As that isn't quite supposed to be common knowledge all over (though it pretty much is in LA North).

      Thanks again!

  7. What has Bill Chow done that is good for the league? Not a lot as far as I can see. If he's going to hang his hat over the fact Andrew Johnston (not Johnson as he has on website twice) signed with an NHL team then that is sad. This league has many, many problems and Chow is becoming the root of them. WC champ'ship, talented players not wanting to play here, etc. etc. etc.


  8. Its too bad that you're leaving LaR for better things, but at least you won't have to worry about the SJHL anymore. Of course if Bill Chow continues to run the show, there might not be a league soon because his one year on the job has set the league back years. I'd like to know who other candidates to replace Ryan were. I am guessing Ryan and those candidates are laughing now seeing the league in the state that is in. Needless to say, I echo Doug's sentiments.