Thursday, 19 April 2012

La Ronge Multiplex Survey Results

In late February, the Town of La Ronge released a survey regarding plans to build a new multiplex facility in the northern town.  The survey received over three hundred responses, and though Mayor Thomas Sierzycki didn't release all of the results, he did provide a picture of the respondents' priorities.

It breaks down like this:

Swimming Pool - 78.4%
Ice Facility (Hockey/Curling) - 63.5%
Field House - 55%

The following would be included along with the Field House or as parts of the Rink/Swimming Pool
Fitness Centre - 55.5%
Walking Track - 48%
Conference Centre - 25.8%

Obviously there are a lot of percentages in that list.  They're based off of this question on the survey:

9. What would you be willing to see in the facility?
Rate (1-low, 5-high) Swimming Pool, Rink (Hockey/Curling), track, fitness centre, conference centre, field house

So the process moves on to the many planning stages for a major project like this.  Mayor Sierzycki says there is money set aside for recreation development, which goes towards creating a plan to gain more funds which goes into planning for the facility and so on.  Just from that small section you can kind of see the circles within circles the project will have to navigate until completion.

Town Council will continue to lay groundwork in the coming months before going to a community consultation stage which will help flesh out more details.  There's also the issue of where the new facility will be built.  The town has a couple of locations in mind, but many factors need to be weighed before anything truly moves ahead.  The likely location seems to be near the Co-op in town and Churchill High School so the schools in the area can take advantage of the facilities.

Mayor Sierzycki also commented that the recent projects in Melville and Estevan along with developments in North Battleford certainly makes La Ronge's life easier.  Because of existing plans and the companies involved with those projects, the cost for a similar facility in the North can be taken down somewhat.  The experience gained by firms and the communities involved can help La Ronge through the planning and physical construction phases.

The new project doesn't mean the town is abandoning the Mel Heglund Uniplex, after all, it needs to last until a new rink is constructed.  The recreation department is actively seeking grants to keep the Mel in action as long as possible with the least amount of impact to taxpayers.

It should be interesting to see how it all breaks down over the next few months and hopefully ground can be broken on the project sooner rather than later.


Personal Note: I won't be around the office for a couple of weeks, so the blog will likely be pretty quiet.  Remember, the Ice Wolves AGM is May 9th, so mark that on your calendar.  The Wolves also have their spring camp coming up next weekend down South.  Don't worry if anything happens with the Ice Wolves while I'm away from the station, you can be sure I'll have it up on Twitter.

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  1. With the new format for the Western Championships. Saskatchewan will receive the Junior A Western Championship tournament in 2015 and every 4 years after that. It would sure be nice to get a rink up by 2023 (11 years) and bid to host the Western Championships. It would bring in a lot of business and revenue to the community